Alcoa Vinyl Siding – Number 1 in the Siding Industry?

The house siding is a large area that allows home owners to incorporate their creativity in decoration. Sidings offer a wide area that often attracts the eye and also forms a large surface area of the entire structure. When choosing a house siding, there are various options to go for depending on personal preferences. From material used to color, quality and design, there are also just as much considerations to make as there is variability. Alcoa vinyl siding is one of the most popular feature in many homes today. This can be attributed to a number of things since there are various brands and materials.
Here is a detailed description of vinyl sidings and why Alcoa has been the ultimate option.

The Best siding materials.

There are many sidings people use today in their homes and these choices are influenced by a number of things. Sidings can be made of metal, wood, brick and vinyl among other materials. Each material has its own advantages as well as concerns. Whether you are repairing a section of the siding or constructing a new house you will be faced with the decision to pick a specific siding.

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• Metal siding – These simply put are sidings made of curved or smooth straight metallic surfaces. They can be very thin metallic walls or finishes or even finish designs. The siding can be applied to resemble a given design as desired by the owner.

• Brick siding – These types of sidings are made of bricks and also depict the pattern of a brick wall. They may also be designed with different patterns as pleased.

• Vinyl siding – Like other named materials, these sidings are simply made of the bearer name vinyl. This is a type of resin, sometimes thought of as fake leather or faux leather. Vinyl can be used in sidings for various purposes and it has become the mostly used material.
There are many reasons why vinyl sidings are being used more frequently. The surface is very easy to customize and can be designed for any wall with ultimate ease. It is also durable, easy to clean, has low maintenance and can be customized to any desired color, pattern or style.


Alcoa sidings and benefits

When looking for the best siding for your house, vinyl is the best option to go for. It is unique, affordable, easily available, and has various advantages over the others.

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However, not all companies offering vinyl sidings will provide the same quality. You may fall victim to the work of non-professionals or using lower quality products that will not deliver the claimed benefits. It is therefore very important to carefully identify the company offering these sidings. Alcoa vinyl sidings are known for their bespoken benefits.

They are genuine high quality sidings provided by a reputable and reliable manufacturer who also has experience in the field. The manufacturers only produce high standard water resistant, easy to maintain and durable vinyl sidings that can be designed according to anyone’s preference. Vinyl can be customized to the wood siding aesthetic appeal or any other desired style. Alcoa vinyl siding comes in many colors and you can find them in color chart .

Some of the things to consider when looking for the best vinyl sidings include the following;
• Durability and water resistance – sidings are exposed to the elements and should therefore exhibit water resistance and durability. Alcoa vinyl sidings depict the ability to withstand weather and environment elements.

• Ease of cleaning and maintenance – the siding should be easy to set up and install as well as effortless to clean. Alcoa products do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. In fact, contemporary vacuuming and splash cleaning a couple of times in years is sufficient to remove grit and dirt that accumulates every year.

• Genuine distributor – the company offering these Alcoa vinyl options should be licensed and genuine distributors who can be trusted to provide only genuine quality. Norandex vinyl siding for example consists only of genuine Alcoa products. It is important to choose legit companies and brands with a reputation and can be reviewed from other sources.

There are various other considerations including reliability, service quality, work experience and professionalism. Always ensure the siding satisfies your quality requirements and comes at an affordable price.


While vinyl has often been defined as the ultimate selection, choosing house sidings should be a careful process. There are various low quality sidings that are made of vinyl and the services offered vary from one company to another. It is therefore very important to buy genuine products and designs from experienced and expert companies.

Lap Siding

Lap siding is one among the different kinds of siding used in buildings. They’re made from broad and long planks that are made to overlap each other. It looks like clapboard and the two can be used interchangeably though it is in fact larger. It’s suitable for different climates and it’s used for various structures such as traditional structures and modern buildings. A single siding piece is wedge shaped when one is viewing it sideways. The overlapping nature helps to shed water keeping water out of interior structures and hence serves as the first point of water intrusion prevention.

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Wood is the most traditional form of lap siding that many people prefer using though there are many other types and these include vinyl and cement. Siding that isn’t made of wood is quite durable and can last in all seasons. Wood siding is accepted universally as the most appealing and most beautiful for any home or property. This beauty is known to always be costly since it requires a high degree of maintenance for it to remain so. It is also quite expensive during purchase and rightfully so. It is biodegradable, doesn’t have any toxins and when well treated it can serve the home owner for endless decades.
Lap siding made of wood can resist windy weather better than shingle sidings. This is because of the extra mass it has as compared to shingles. It is also heavier and requires an extra amount of labor and specialized tools for proper installation. Once it is damaged the whole of it has to get replaced and that also brings along extra costs. It all comes down to the buyer’s taste and preference in home appearance and their budget that they have allocated for the process as well. One also has to consider their financial ability since lap siding made from wood requires a lot of maintaining to sustain its beauty and serve its purpose.
There are other cheaper options that look just as good. Manufacturers have come up with designs that look as good as wood and are similarly durable but can use little maintenance. Whatever the choice one decides to make, there are three factors that remain constant when choosing lap siding and these are cost, durability, longevity and maintenance. It is also important to consider weather conditions in the living area and how extreme they tend to get. Climate has a big part to play and it influences ones choice largely.

All puns a-side, why cedar siding?

When considering a home improvement project to beautify and protect the outside of your home, at the most basic level you have two alternatives: pant and siding. Assuming you have already decided to go with siding, then there are still several categories to consider including vinyl or plastic siding, metal (aluminum, copper or steel) siding, fiber cement siding and wooden siding. Brick, stone and stucco are other alternatives but somewhat removed from the traditional siding options. Each of these different materials has its pros and cons as well as very different pricing structures.

Benefits of Cedar Siding.

Today let’s take a look at Cedar Siding, an option within the “wooden” category. Cedar is, in fact, the most popular of the wooden siding materials, followed by pine, spruce and cypress. Many opt for Western Red Cedar as an option simply due to the fact that it is a natural material and has the smallest carbon footprint and ecological impact. Being a natural and renewable material, Cedar is typically planted and harvested on lumber farms today so as not to harm the forests.


The natural beauty of wood is often chosen to help the home or building meld into the environment in the most natural way possible, blending into the natural surroundings. And let’s face it, there is no other material that has generates the same feeling of warmth when viewed and even more impossible would be to replicate the heavenly odor of cedar. Nothing comes close.

Wood, cedar included, is one of the easiest materials to work with, to trim to size and leave no seams visible. Contrary to what some may say, Cedar siding is an alternative that allows for long durability with proper maintenance. From the factory it can be bought with moisture protection. Unlike synthetic products, during the lifetime of cedar it can be treated and refurbished with relatively little cost or effort, restoring the original look after the inevitable fading that comes with exposure to sum and the weather.

Western Red Cedar offers many choices for coloring with stains and oils as well as different finish options. Application and absorption are easy since Cedar is naturally free of resins and pitch. There are many options available as well in terms of aesthetics in the use of Cedar including the use of layered bevel, tongue and groove as well as board and batten techniques.

In summing up, Cedar Siding is an excellent alternative among many, especially valued by those who take their place in nature seriously.


The Benefits of Mastic Vinyl Siding

Professional builders have for a long time now been looking for a low maintenance siding material. This is certainly not wood which needs a lot of care and absorbs water, making it to rot. If you need cheap and low maintenance siding then you can get Mastic Vinyl Siding. Not only is it waterproof, it lasts for longer and will generally cost you less. Vinyl also maintains a rich color and texture for a long time unlike wood which you will need to polish every now and then. This explains why vinyl siding is the most common in single family homes all over the country.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Can Be Your Choice Number 1

Everyone wants to build a home and then sit back and enjoy living in it. If you get the wrong material for siding you might just spend the whole time repairing it. To give your home a beautiful exterior you need to carefully choose a material for the siding. Most people will normally choose the material they use for the roof for the siding too. Consulting professionals will help you to know what is best for your home, whether it is temporary or permanent. The beauty of the finished siding is breathtaking and lasts longer.

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Whether you choose lap siding or vertical siding, Mastic vinyl siding will never disappoint. The best feature of this material is that when finished it looks like well polished wood siding. Considering how costly and problematic wooden siding is, this material is way better. You will get to enjoy the same kind of aesthetic value at a lower price and with less trouble. This look is elegant and it will make your home look warm and welcoming. You can also choose the best color scheme for your home easily because there are plenty of options to choose from.

Mastic vinyl siding is also very energy efficient. They will also serve as the best windows to keep warmth in your home. This will come at a lesser cost and will bring down your electricity bill. Do not go for just any vinyl siding rather choose Mastic because it is the best. The simple lines, and easy fit that is found in the traditional vinyl siding make it very popular in many homes. Whether it is building or remodeling, using the right siding will save you a lot of money in repainting bills. Many textures, shadow lines and colors are available for this kind of siding. Most common are the standard lap panels.